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RSK Bushcraft Zenith Scandi Fixed Blade Knife (3760)

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The new wave in Buschcraft has arrived. The Bushcraft Zenith is the modern imagination of the classic Bushcraft, with sleek contoured G10 handle, large flat head screws, full tang with hidden lanyard and in both FFG and Scandi versions. Similar but in many ways very different from the RSK Bushcraft Plus, the Zenith deigned by Ostap Hel pushes the boundaries of outdoor knife design. Breaking out of the traditional interpretation of the Bushcraft, the Zenith can complete every task of the outdoors man, but furnished with a modern refurbished taste when doing so. Echos of Ostap art-deco futuristic design are constant throughout the knife, but this knife is not a dainty G5 Metamorph, this is a powerful, robust, and ultimately the strongest tool in the outdoor mans get up.

Blade Length: 110mm/4.33"
Blade Thickness: 4.50mm/0.18"
Open: 230mm/9.06"